Earthtones Curl Academy

Learn evidence based, integrative hair care and discover the perfect formula for your curls.

About Earthtones Curl Academy

The Earthtones Curl Academy offers specialized courses for curl enthusiasts and curl professionals that integrate hair care science, the chemistry of hair products and a complementary approach to whole body wellness. 

The end result? To create the perfect formula for your curls - your perfect healthy hair regimen.

In the Curl Academy You’ll:

  • Learn about your curls. We use an evidence based, integrative approach to curl care.
  • Get to know your curls. Appreciate your hair type, texture and curl pattern and how they are affected by hair care practices, products and your overall health and wellness. 
  • Experiment on your curls. Use our curl care framework to select and test targeted products and hair care methods to address your specific curl concerns. 

Our Courses

Our courses for Curl Enthusiasts help those with curly, very curly and tightly curly hair accept, embrace and absolutely love their natural hair, so they can show up in this world as their BEST selves.

Our Pro level courses help professional and aspiring hair stylists, braiders and consultants who specialize in natural hair, successfully correct challenging hair concerns so that they can boost their credibility, attract and retain premium clients and position themselves as a curl care expert.